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Jon Deakin

Councils: 1530, 4191, 6353, 6810, 8891, 10827, 10870, 11872, 12532, 14349, 15673

Jon A. Deakin is a Knights of Columbus Field Agent with the MStice Agency, serving brother Knights and their families in South Central Pennsylvania. Jon has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for eight years, and became a Field Agent for the Order in March of 2013.

When asked why he became a Field Agent, Jon said, “I became a Field Agent because I saw an opportunity to have a successful career helping Catholic families secure their financial futures.  I believe in Father McGivney’s vision of protecting Catholic families.  I am blessed to have a career doing something in which I believe so strongly.”

Originally from Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, Jon earned a degree in electrical technology, from Penn College.

Prior to becoming a Field Agent Jon enjoyed an 11-year career in the Tele-Communications industry and a five-year career in Electrical Engineering.  An entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch a career in Connecticut Real Estate where he was named “Rookie of the Year.”  Since he had immediate success he left his electrical engineering position to pursue a full-time career in real estate.  Shortly thereafter Jon joined the Knights. He has started with great success, he was named Pennsylvania Agent of the Year 2016 2017 & 2019 and achieved MDRT status 2014-2019 and was a member of the Court of the Table in 2017. 

Jon is married to his wife Tracey, who is a District Manager for prominent eyecare organization. Jon and Tracey are parishioners of St. Joseph’s Parish York.  Jon is a member of Dallastown Council# 1530. Jon volunteers for many different councils in which he serves as their Field Agent.  He is both a volunteer and donor to Undefeated Courage, a pro-life group in York.

When asked what he hopes to achieve for his members, Jon said, “I am driven to assure all the families I serve are educated on all the benefits Knights of Columbus has available to secure their families futures.  I believe in leaving all families I meet in a better position financially than when I first met them.”

Jon has extensive knowledge of the products the Knights of Columbus offers to members and their families, and stands ready to help them achieve their financial goals.

Contact Jon today to set up an appointment and learn how the Knights of Columbus can help protect your family.

Jon A Deakin, FICF, SKC, MDRT
108 Meadow Hill Dr. York, PA 17402

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